Trade-In + Terms

Scientificus trade-in item list (updated 01 May 2012)
  • Anemometers – handheld.
  • Autoclaves – less than 50L.
  • Barometers – handheld.
  • Baths & circulators inclu. water baths, heating & refridgerated circulator baths & ultrasonic baths – less than 50L.
  • Blenders – lab benchtop.
  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand, COD – lab benchtop.
  • Boroscopes & fibrescopes – handheld & lab benchtop.
  • Centrifudges – microcentrifudge & lab benchtop.
  • Chemical Oxygen Demands, COD meters – lab benchtop.
  • Colony counters – lab benchtop.
  • Colorimeters & spectrophotometers – portable & lab benchtop.
  • Conductivity, resistivity, salinity & TDS meters – handheld, lab benchtop & online process controller.
  • Density/specific gravity meters – handheld & lab benchtop.
  • Fermentators – less than 20L.
  • Flowmeters.
  • Filtration pumps – lab benchtop.
  • Gas detectors, safety – handheld, lab benchtop & online process control.
  • Geiger counters – handheld & lab benchtop.
  • Grinders & mills – lab benchtop.
  • Heaters & hotplates, inclu. heating block for tubes & magnetic hotplate stirrers – lab benchtop.
  • Homogenizers & mixers, inclu. overhead stirrers & ultrasonic homogenizers – lab benchtop.
  • Humidity & temperature meters – portable, lab benchtop & online process control.
  • Incubators – less than 50L.
  • Light meters, lux & foot candles measurements – portable & lab benchtop.
  • Manometers – portable & lab benchtop.
  • Microtomes – lab benchtop.
  • Microscopes – lab benchtop.
  • Moisture meters – lab benchtop.
  • Oxygen, dissolved meters – handheld, lab benchtop & online process controller.
  • Oven - less than 50L.
  • pH/ORP meters – handheld, lab benchtop & online process control.
  • Pipettes, adjustable or fixed volume – handheld.
  • Pressure meters – handheld, lab benchtop & online process control.
  • Stirrers, magnetic – handheld & benchtop.
  • Thermometers – handheld, lab benchtop & online process control.
  • Thermoreactors – lab benchtop.
  • Turbidity meters – handheld, lab benchtop & online process controller.
  • Ultrasonic bath cleaners – less than 25L.
  • Weighing lab balances.
  • Weighing bench scales.
  • General terms & conditions for Scientificus trade-in promotion.

1) Customer can trade-in selected instruments (please refer Scientificus trade-in item list) of different brands & models, at a basis of 1-to-1 unit.

2) Trade-in instrument is based at similar working range models (i.e. an old lab balance with Scientificus lab balance, an aging industrial scale with Scientifcus industrial scale, a spoilt pH benchtop pH meter with Scientificus benchtop pH meter).

3) All trade-in unit must be in complete set of major components with serial number, for example, platform & indicator for a weighting benchscale and dissolved oxygen meter with dissolved oxygen sensor together. Other accessories i.e. instrument carry case, manual etc may not be necessary for trade-in. Please contact Scientificus personnels for details and arrangements.

4) All trade-in value is not exchangable for cash.

5) Trade-in value is rebate in terms of discount for current or next purchase.

6) Total trade-in discount claimed by customer, should not be more than 30% of total value in a purchase (for example, your trade-in discount is RM30.00, your purchase per order to claim for this discount in a purchase should not be less than RM100.00).

7) Ownership of trade-in instruments will be transfer to Scientificus Enterprise, as property of Scientificus Enterprise.

8) For a dealer who wish to trade-in their customer's instrument, he should get an agreement from his customer for transfering the ownership of the trade-in instrument to Scientificus Enterprise. Please contact Scientificus personnels for the agreement form.

9) Scientificus Enterprise reserves the right to decide the trade-in discount given and reject, admend and discontinue of any trade-in promotion without further notifications.

10) All payment terms is advance, based on Ex-work Kepong Baru, Kuala Lumpur, exclude delivery to customer.

Frequent asked trade-in questions.

What is the procedure for Scientificus Enterprise trade-in promotion?

  • Simple.
  • 1st, decide what do you want to trade-in, then check Scientificus trade-in item list (available in trade-in & promotion section in & decide on the trade-in quantity.
  • 2nd, contact Scientificus Enterprise sales personnel to get the current trade-in value, or to get a good trade-in package.
  • 3rd, Scientificus Enterprise will provide feedback in 48hrs of the available trade-in value, with a quotation or an email.
  • 4th, followup by normal business procedure i.e. purchase order from customer, porforma invoice from Scientificus Enterprise to customer for payment preparation, delivery of goods & invoice.

What kind of instruments that Scientificus Enterprise accepts for trade-in?

  • Any light weight scientific instruments i.e. spectrophotometer, pH meter, lab balance and benchtop scale, online pH controller etc. Please refer to Scientificus trade-in item list.

Can I trade-in a lab balance with pH meter?

  • There is flexibility in Scientificus trade-in promotion in which, case by case basis, some customers may trade-in different instruments, for example, 2 units of pH meters with a new Scientificus balance.

Does Scientificus Enterprise accept any trade-in for spoilt or broken instruments?

  • Yes. But please ensure its a complete unit. Please refer to Scientificus Enterprise for more details.   

Does Scientificus Enterprise accept any trade-in for glasswares, chemicals & lab consumables such as filter papers, pH papers etc?

  • No. Currently, Scientificus Enterprise only accepts trade-in of instruments. Please refer to Scientificus Enterprise trade-in item list.

Can I exchange the trade-in value for other Scientificus items beside as discount in my purchase?

  • Yes. For example, if you have RM30.00 trade-in value from your old pH meter when you purchase a new Scientificus pH meter, you can either use the RM30.00 trade-in value as direct credit from your new Scientificus pH meter or use it to buy other items from Scientificus Enterprise, such as glasswares, chemicals, filter papers etc.


1. Scientificus Enterprise reserves the right to accept or reject any order of goods.

2. Discontinued or deleted from the range items will be cancelled automatically without obligation of fulfillment or replacement.

3. Cancellation of Order is not entertained once Order is confirmed.

4. Customer shall be responsible for wrong order(s) made.


1. Prices quoted are recommended prices. Prices may be subject to change without notice. Trading currency is in Malaysian Ringgit.

2. Prices quoted exclude installation, testing, commissioning, all certification, all third parties testing, piping & plumbing works unless otherwise stated. Exclude all coring, penetrating, drilling, sealing, civil, mechanical & electrical works unless otherwise stated.

3. Buyer shall provide Scientificus Enterprise at no cost all utility services required such as water supply, drain point & power supply and when necessary, special handling equipment for installation.

4. Scientificus Enterprise shall not be liable for delays not due to its products.

5. Replacement of expendables may vary with feed water, usage and other factors.

6. Buyer shall be responsible for maintenance and replacement of parts after shipment from Scientificus Enterprise.

7. Warranty does not cover damages due to poor maintenance and operation practices.

8. Commissioning of system excludes sending water samples to accredited laboratories.


1. Ex-stock items are subject to prior sales.

2. Mode of transportation and lead time of indent for non-stock items are subject to stock availability and acceptance by carriers availability.

3. <1L or 1kg by airfreight: lead time of 4-6 weeks.

4. >1L or 1kg by seafreight: lead time of 8-12 weeks.

5. Special delivery for non ex-stock item is available; subject to acceptance by airlines at your expense. DG surcharge is applicable to East Malaysia at RM500/consignment (subject to change without prior notice) excluding the normal freight charges.


1. All items quoted at Ex-work price (unless stated), from Scientificus Enterprise office current location in Kuala Lumpur.

2. Scientificus Enterprise shall deliver the goods to the place designated by Customer and agreed by Scientificus Enterprise.

3. The delivery time schedule may be subject to change and shall be non-binding.

4. Mode of transportation and choice of carrier will be at the discretion of Scientificus Enterprise.

5. Temperature control products will be delivered via courier, courier charges will be charged to customer.

6. Applicable to East Malaysia only: Courier Service on dangerous goods (DG) item is available subject to a DG surcharge of RM500.00 per consignment (subject to change without prior notice) excluding the normal freight charges.


1. Any returns of goods must be authorized by Scientificus Enterprise.

2. Scientificus Enterprise does not accept returns for any of the followings:

· Opened and/or used products (Chemicals and Others).

· Products not stored under the recommended conditions.

· Items with short expiry.

· Items sold on Promotional Items.

· Items ordered upon Special Request.

· Items discontinued.

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