Company Profile

     As more instrumentation and automation are applied in process engineering, we see the continuous growing challenges faced by customers to improve their operation line in terms of output and product quality, compliant to industrial regulations and standards, as well as maintaining zero downtime in production line.    

     In 2007, Scientificus Enterprise is formed as a scientific company specialized in providing precise, accurate analytical instruments and accessories to improve lab and industrial process.


     Scientificus Enterprise is the Malaysian representative of Suntex Analytical Instrumentations, Taiwan.

Scientificus Technical Divisions

Our specialists are industrial oriented expert; providing right sampling, analysis, engineering work & advice according to industrial applications and standards.

We supply

  • Complete laboratory instruments, lab-wares & furnishings, chemicals, microbiology media and provide lab construction engineering work.
  • Process analytics solution in controllers for pH, temperature, conductivity etc and  safety & hygiene personal protective equipments.
  • For small medium industries, total equipments for R&D and formulation lab, manual & semi auto mixing/blending line, storage and packaging.

Our aim to provide

  • Right sampling technique for inspection for incoming raw materials (protects from adulteration and contamination from supplier) and blending/mixing to ensure homogeneity & right ratio prior to packing line (to prevent product rework and rejection), 
  • Right analysis, control and standardization for raw material’s and product’s quality i.e. sweetness, saltiness, acidity, moisture, viscosity, water content, colour, particle size etc,
  • Simple, fast & accurate analytical solution in waters & wastewaters, microbiology, hygiene & food safety.
  • Free advice and consultation for SMI to meet various industrial standards i.e. USP, EP, FDA, ASTM, EPA, DIN, EBC, HACCP, ISO etc,
  • Fast, easy & convenient lab & industrial purchase for customer.

We cover industrial applications as below:

  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetic & health care,
  • Food & beverages,
  • Palm oil and oleo-chemical,
  • Plastic & polymer,
  • Paint, coating, ink, colouring and adhesives,
  • Fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides,
  • Oil, gas & petrochemical,
  • Semiconductor, electronic, chroming & plating,
  • Power and heat industries i.e. boiler, cooling tower, power plant station,
  • Agricultural industries i.e. livestock, aquaculture, hydroponic & soil testing,
  • Ultrapure water, water & wastewater,
  • & Education.
With right application of analytical instrumentation, we aim to provide value solution to customer like you, enable you to optimize your company performance, thus giving you a competitive edge in your market.
Office working hours: Monday to Friday (10am - 5pm).
After office hour, please call Scientificus helpline at +6-012-2288958
Contact us, "Get Right Application for Value Solution"!  






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