Industrial Applications

Right application of Suntex instruments bring you value solution
Our objectives
  • to optimize your work efficiency,
  • decrease your downtime,
  • minimize your operation and maintenance cost,
thus enable you to focus and increase your process line output!
Below are our value solutions to Malaysia Industries.
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pH & moisture – simple, accurate & precisemeasurement of soil pH & moisture by Scientificus pH-moisture 2-in-1 pen for better plant growth.

pH & nutrients –monitor pH & nutrient levels in hydroponic culture mediums i.e. N, P & K, and control fluid fertilizer dosing by Suntex pH controller & Lovibond photometer.

Salinityprevent backflow intrusion of seawater into paddy field during high tide by Suntex salinity controller which detects increase of salinity in irrigation channels & auto-activate closing of tidal flow gates.

Weight – using dynamic weighting cage system, in weight management of farm cow, to calculate feed cost vs cow growth rate in determination of efficiency of feeding program.

Aquaculture & Fishery.

ORP & ozone – minimize algae growth & bacterial infection in fish tank by using Suntex ORP & ozone controller to maintain optimum ORP level in culture tank & ensure adequate ozone level in in-coming water or recycle water for disinfection.

Water quality – intergrated water quality monitoring & control system for pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen & salinity by Suntex online controllers. With limit settings & control dosing for acid-base & salinity adjustment, as well as auto-activation relay for aeration pump. Available alarm & warning signals in event of emergency.

Weight – calculate fish yield per consumption of diesel in fish port, to monitor efficiency of fish landing by local fish trawlers by integrated platform weighting system.

Weight weighting of life gigantic fishes i.e. grouper, shark & morray eel with Scientificus canvas blanket weighter & hanging scale, to minimize fish injuries.

Food & Beverage.

Brix & saltiness – Scientificus brix & salinity online meters control the right sweetness & saltiness taste in food & beverage processing lines i.e. in mixing tanks or packing line, ensure standard products and minimize rejection.

Microbiology & hygiene – why use expensive ATP swab monitor, with high maintenance & calibration cost, when Scientificius economic ready-to-use, colour-scale hygiene swab gives the same accuracy & precision instantly with lower 90 percent cost.

Microbiology & hygiene – Scientificus yeast & mold paddle swab test & UV lamp are used to monitor & control yeast & mold in bakery ventilation system & air space to prevent contamination in products.

Moisture – standardization & control of crispiness in crackers, biscuits & confectioneries with Scientificius moisture analyzer. Available IR moisture analyzer for application in non-glass policy process line.

Moisture & oxygenpreserved original taste & prolong shelf life of food products by controlling the right amount of oxygen & moisture in food, to minimize bacterial growth & oxidation process.

pH – Scientificus stainless steel pH probe is used in direct measurement of food pH in process line i.e. direct dipping into mixing tank, in according to non-glass policy requirement in food production line.

Turbidity & conductivityaccurate & precise auto-switch valve control in flushing process (using product to flush out remaining cleaning water in pipeline & tank) after clean-in-place by Suntex turbidity & conductivity controllers cut down loss of juice, milk & beer.

Palm Oil & Biodiesel.

ConductivitySuntex conductivity controllers auto-detects phase change of glycerine & biodiesel in biodiesel process tank & activates efficient online glycerine-biodiesel separation.

Conductivitymethanol purity is measured by Suntex online conductivity controller for auto-recovery of catalyst process in transestherification process in biodiesel process, without the need for sampling & Karl Fisher titration.

Oxygen – Suntex online oxygen measurement controls efficiency of nitrogen blanketing & prevents oxidation of premium palm oil products i.e. equivalent cocoa butter.


Conductivity & TOC – Combination of conductivity & TOC measurements in Scientificus steam sampling & measurement system are used to measure organic contaminants in steam used in sterilization-in-place.

Conductivity – portable, handheld Suntex online conductivity meter directly monitors contamination event & changes of water quality in ultrapure water system & pipelines after a new installation or maintenance works i.e. after resin exchange & RO membrane replacement.

Oxygen – Suntex dissolved oxygen controller with teflon coated membrane DO sensor is used in direct measurement of oxygen level in syrup mixing tank, ensure efficient nitrogen blanketing, prevent colour changes & oxidation to medical syrups.

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